Teachers learn robotic technology to share with students this year

Diana Dworzan loves teaching science and aeronautics to her students at Apollo Middle School. And this year she will be able to

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Apollo Middle School teacher Diana Dworzan holds a robot she used in the competition. She and a group of teachers were trained in using robots in the classroom.

share the latest in robotics technology with her students. She will introduce VEX robots to those with a strong interest in technology.

“We have been working with drones and underwater robots. Now we will have land robots.” Dworzan said. “I would like to create a club for students who want to work with these robots. I have enjoyed learning about these robots.”

Dworzan was among a group of Broward County Public School teachers and

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A game teachers played using a robot to stack various items in a competitive format.

representatives from the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation who participated a mock “Battle of the Bots” competition at Discovery Elementary School.  There, the teachers learned about the VEX robots they will teach students during the upcoming year.

“We learned coding and how to command these robots. It was an awesome introduction to the robots,” Dworzan said.

The training and robots are part of a grant awarded to the Broward County Public Schools from the Foundation and NASA. The grant will provide VEX robots to all District schools over the next four years. The new equipment will enhance STEM+Computer Science (STEM+C) opportunities offered at 55 schools in the District.

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