Team Y celebrates completion of butterfly garden at Hollywood YMCA


Members of the Hollywood Leadership Class XL recently celebrated the completion of a project at the Greater Hollywood YMCA.

The team, known as Team Y, was given a project to help the YMCA. The preschool playground needed the existing landscaping to be removed and replaced with a butterfly garden. Picnic benches were beginning to get swallowed by the greenery, which necessitated pavement for them to rest on.

The project needed to be completed because the landscaping was overgrown and encouraged animal habitation that was not good for a preschool environment. Also the seating areas would turn to mud following heavy rain because of a lack of foundation underneath.

Members of Team Y put together fundraising events and completed a butterfly garden. About 200 plants that will attract butterflies were planted and a decorative butterfly bench was installed. An artist known as LuRu completed butterfly artwork on the YMCA building wall.

“We wanted to do this to help the YMCA. This was our project as part of the Hollywood Leadership Class XL,” said Lois Pevin-Weiss, co-chair of the project.

Christine Utter, a member of the class said, “It was every exciting to do this for the children of the YMCA preschool. It is very rewarding to know this will be here for many years to come.”

Rhonda Ludwig, executive director of the Greater Hollywood YMCA was pleased with the new butterfly garden. “This will be good for our preschool program and it is eco-friendly,” she said.

During the dedication ceremony, members of Team Y enjoyed spending time together at the completed butterfly garden.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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