The North Runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is Closed for Repairs

The north runway at fort lauderdale-hollywood international airport is closed for repairs (needs feature photo)

The north runway at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is closed to aircraft traffic over the next four months as it undergoes significant rehabilitation.

A presentation on the situation was made during a recent Hollywood Commission meeting.

Preliminary taxiway construction began in March 2019, launching the multimillion dollar project on the airport’s longest runway with a length of approximately 9,000 feet.

The north runway can trace its roots back to 1943 when it was built by the U.S. Navy as a naval training base during World War II.

The current project intends to extend the runway’s life period from another 15 years to 30 years by replacing a 75-foot center portion with concrete. The runway’s sides will also be repaved with asphalt and the electrical signs and drainage systems will be upgraded.

All flights will take off from the south runway during this period. Residents living near the south runway may experience an increase in air traffic noise.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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