Three of Hollywood Hills Highest Achieving Seniors Send Peers Off Into the Future at Graduation

Kayla pryce is the valedictorian of hollywood hills high school

With a 5.02 GPA, Kayla Pryce was named the valedictorian of Hollywood Hills High School’s class of 2019. She will attend the University of Miami this fall and aims to become an Ob/Gyn.

“I have an intrinsic motivation to do well in academics,” said Pryce. “I want to be a doctor.”

Incredibly well-rounded, Pryce was an active member of the football, basketball, track and competition cheerleading teams at Hollywood Hills. She was also a member of Women of Tomorrow.

“I loved cheerleading and rooting for our team. I enjoyed going to homecoming and prom. I enjoyed high school,” she said.

Following in hot pursuit, Farrah Inayet was named the 2019 salutatorian with a 4.82 GPA. She excelled in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physics.

“I have always enjoyed learning and I wanted to do the best I could in school,” she said.

Inayet will attend Florida Atlantic University this fall as a biology major. She wants attend medical school to become an anesthesiologist.

Another graduation speaker, Mandy Pieczynski will attend Nova Southeastern University as a theater major. She was a competitive cheerleader, active drama member, and enthusiastic member of Women of Tomorrow.

These graduates are among a group of successful Hollywood Hills graduates who are looking forward to college and future careers.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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