Top Chaminade-Madonna lineman will play college football

Offensive line players often don’t get as much recognition as running backs, quarterbacks or even top defensive players. But a good offensive line is important for team’s backfield players to score touchdowns and for a football team to win.

Adam Jancosko, who played center and guard for the Chaminade-Madonna football team during the past two seasons had a very good senior year and was an important factor in the Lions reaching the state championship game, which it lost to Trinity Christian Academy.

Jancosko had played two years of high school football in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was visiting his uncle Jay Jancosko, who coaches at Chaminade-Madonna in Hollywood and spent some time working out with the team. He was noticed by the coaches and encouraged to move to the area, live with his uncle and play on the Lions football team.

Success on the Lions team meant a football scholarship to Indiana University of Pennsylvania a top 20 Division II football program. The university is near Pittsburgh where his family resides. He is 6.1 and weighs about 300 pounds.

Jancosko is looking forward to playing college football and he has found memories of his time at Chaminade-Madonna. There were some challenges. A head coach left before training was to begin and some of the players were concerned about the situation. They came together under the leadership of new coach Dameon Jones and had a great season.

“We had a lot of talent on the team this year,” said Jancosko. “It was fun and a good experience. The whole school got excited about our team.”

Jancosko wanted to play at Chaminade-Madonna because he believed the competition would be better. He would face stronger and faster players in South Florida. “I thought it would be more competitive and I wanted to get ready for college football. The players on college football teams are a lot quicker,” he said.

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