Top 5 Colombian Youtubers in Colombia

Top Colombian Youtubers in Colombia

If you are like me, you know that Youtube is the greatest FREE video platform on the Internet.

I also know that it’s the home of tons of talented Colombian Youtubers and popular youtube Channels in Colombia.

So whether you are living in Colombia and whether you are a Colombian person living in the United States and want to keep in touch with content from this beautiful country, check out my list of the Top Colombian Youtubers and the most popular Youtube channels in Colombia:

Ami Rodriguez

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ami Rodríguez, one of the most popular YouTubers in Colombia. He was the first Colombian YouTuber to reach 10 million subscribers and has the highest subscriber count out of all Colombian YouTubers. He’s also a Colombian social media influencer, rapper, singer, and author.

His eponymous YouTube channel has attracted 12.6 million subscribers and he earns the most money out of all Colombian YouTubers according to Top Dollar Insight. Ami is also the #1 YouTuber in Colombia from 7 to 17 years old. He returns with a new book published by Penguin Colombia and is truly an iconic figure in Latin America.

In my opinion, I thought for the longest time that Ami was a woman’s name, but this Colombian Youtuber prove me wrong!

Juan Guarnizo

Colombian Youtubers in Colombia

Juan Guarnizo is one of the most popular YouTubers in Latin America. Born in Ibagué, Colombia, Juan Sebastián Guarnizo Algarra has been streaming on Twitch since 2022 and is now considered one of the top streamers in the country. He speaks purely Spanish in all his streams and videos, making him a favorite of many Latin American audiences.

Juan Guarnizo has a team of content creators, which is chaired by the YouTuber DjMariio. Juan Guarnizo has become an iconic figure in Colombia and is one of the top 100 Twitch users sorted by followers. He is a great inspiration to many Colombian influencers, and his success story is an inspiration to many up and coming influencers.

Juan was also the name of my grandpa, so each time I watch Juan’s videos it reminds me a bit of my family in Spain and in Medellin.

Daniela Calle and Maria José Garzón

Moving to one of the most popular Colombian Youtubers, Daniela Calle and Maria José Garzón are two Colombian Youtubers that have made a name for themselves. Known as Calle y Poché, they have managed to stand out in the crowded influencer market. They started their journey in November 1 and have made their mark through their modern design and the best matching icons – Couple Goals Teenagers.

They are also part of the most important musical theatre company in Colombia, Romanogers. As a partnership, they recently starred in an Amazon Original Series. They have also become a role model for many teenagers and young adults, showing that you can make it no matter what.

Daniela is my personal favorite out of the 2 Colombian Youtubers who own this popular Youtube Channel in Colombia. I like the way she talks and make everything funny.

Sebastian Villalobos

Top Colombian Youtubers in Colombia

The list of top YouTubers in Colombia wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sebastian Villalobos. He is a Colombian YouTuber, actor, singer and model, born on January 17, 1996, in Bucaramanga, Colombia. His popularity has grown rapidly in the past few years and he now has over 11 million followers on Instagram and over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

He was even featured in the 2016 YouTube Rewind video, which showcased the top YouTubers in the world. Sebastian is also the host of Nat Geo Lab on Nat Geo Kids Latin America. He is considered one of the most handsome and sexiest male YouTubers around.

Sebastian is one of my favorite actor and singer in the entire world! I discovered him before most people, and love all his old songs even more than the recent , more commercial songs that he released in recent years.

Paola Macias

The next inspiring influencer on our list is Paola Macias, a bikini athlete and fitness model from Medellín, Colombia. She is a hard-working individual who spends hours in the gym and in the kitchen, following a strict diet. Together with her twin sister Lina, she followed her older sister Luisa into the sport.

She has an Instagram account with over 330k followers and also runs an online training program called SmartFitGo. She’s also active on TikTok where she shares her fitness tips and tricks. Paola Macias is an incredible example of how dedication and hard work can help you reach your goals.

Paola inspires me a lot and I watch her channel almost every day while eating breakfast.

Top 5 Colombian Youtubers that are the most popular in Colombia

This blog post is about the top Colombian YouTubers who have made a name for themselves in the digital realm. From Sebastian Villalobos, a famous Colombian YouTuber, to Juan Guarnizo, an Ibaguereño streamer and player, there are many Colombian YouTubers worth checking out.

Other popular figures include Ami Rodríguez Pascagaza, Daniela Calle and María José Garzón, and Paola Macias. There are many other great influencers that make up the curated list of Colombia influencers.

So if you’re looking for the top 10 famous YouTubers, the five most popular YouTubers, or the three most famous YouTubers, this list is a great place to start. And if you’re looking for inspiration beyond Colombia’s borders, be sure to check out Vlogfund’s list of the top Youtubers in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Spain.

One of my friends has the goal of becoming one of the most famous influencers on Youtube in Colombia within the next 2 years, wish him luck!

Curated List of Colombia Influencers and most subscribed Youtube Channels

In addition to these top YouTubers who have the most subscribers, there are many more influential Colombian influencers making waves on the internet, no matter how many subscribers they have. For example, Ami Rodriguez is an Instagrammer who runs a popular travel blog on her website, Juan Guarnizo is a YouTuber and podcaster who publishes educational content for entrepreneurs and makes an integration with humor, sketches and parodies. Daniela Calle and Maria José Garzón are two fashion influencers with a large following on google, Sebastián Villalobos is a fitness guru and vlogger and his channel has a feature that gives full access to his fans wanting to take a free fitness course, and Paola Macías is a skincare expert.

Who are the Top 10 famous YouTubers?

As you probably already know, YouTube is a great way to connect with people from all over the world, and Colombia is no exception. There are many great YouTubers from Colombia who have made an impact on their viewers. From Casey Neistat to Steffy Moreno to Benny White, these top 10 famous YouTubers have used their talents to create entertaining and educational content for their audiences.

I personally tend to like people one Youtube that have less popular channels, as sometimes they do it more for the passion than for the money, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Who is the 5 most popular YouTubers?

When it comes to Colombian YouTubers, there are many who have garnered fame and success. There are YouTube stars from various genres such as vlogging, gaming, music, and comedy. Here is a list of the 5 most popular YouTubers in Colombia.

  • Abrahamdpe is the most popular YouTuber in Colombia with over 270k subscribers on Youtube and more than 83k followers on Instagram. His ‘Study with Me’ vlogs are great for anyone looking for inspiration.

  • FABRA18 comes in second place with over 7 million subscribers on his gaming channel where he uploads videos of his game plays.

  • Sebastian Flor Tamayo has over 4 million subscribers on his channel where he uploads comedy skits and music videos.

  • Samsung Colombia is a technology brand and has over 2 million subscribers with their channel dedicated to showcasing their latest gadgets and products.

  • Clinica Del Play is a popular medical channel run by two doctors from Colombia. They have over 1 million subscribers and provide helpful advice about healthcare and lifestyle topics.

I only compiled information about the 5 best Youtubers as I was running short on time, but I am aware that there are hundreds of good content creators on YT in Colombia, so if you would like me to add other ones on my list, please let me know!

Who is the 3 most famous YouTubers?

The 3 most famous YouTubers in Colombia are Casey Neistat, Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez, and Alondra Ortiz.

  • Casey Neistat is an American vlogger who has been popular for years now – his vlogs have been watched by millions of people all around the world.

  • Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez, also known as Werevertumorro, is a popular Mexican influencer and his YouTube channel offers a mix of vlogs, pranks and other entertaining content.

  • Alondra Ortiz, on the other hand, is an American YouTube and Instagram Star who has a great following in Colombia.

Each of these three YouTubers has made a name for themselves in the country and are well-known all over the world. Back in the day I used to have a little Youtube Channel showcasing my Juggling skills as part of my Circus act, but it faded quite fast…

Who is the most iconic YouTuber?

When it comes to iconic YouTubers, Colombia has a wealth of talent. One of the most famous YouTubers in the country is Ami Rodriguez, who has over two million subscribers and produces content focused on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

Juan Guarnizo is another popular Colombian creator, known for his comedy videos. Daniela Calle and Maria José Garzón are two Colombian YouTubers who focus on family-related content, while Sebastian Villalobos is a vlogger who focuses on travel and lifestyle. Paola Macias is a beauty vlogger who has over one million subscribers.

Vlogfund is an award-winning YouTuber known for their work in social activism and philanthropy.

With such an amazing selection of creators, it’s no wonder that Colombia has become a leader in the YouTube space!

I’m really happy that I found all these channels as they teach me new things daily for free and inspire me to become a better person.

TOP Youtubers Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Spain

As we have already explored the top YouTubers in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Spain, let’s now take a look at the most popular YouTubers in Colombia. Colombia has a long history of amazing creators on YouTube. From beauty gurus to vloggers and gamers, there is a diverse range of creators from this South American country. We have compiled a curated list of the top 10 Colombian YouTubers that you need to know about. From Ami Rodriguez to Juan Guarnizo, Daniela Calle and Maria José Garzón, Sebastian Villalobos, Paola Macias, Vlogfund and many more, these are some of the most famous Colombian YouTubers that you should follow. So if you’re looking for new content from Colombia or just want to stay up to date with what’s happening in this part of the world, make sure to check out this list and subscribe to the best channels in Colombia!

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