Twitter Users in Colombia (Statistics & Usage)

Twitter Users in Colombia (Statistics & Usage)

I woke up this morning and was wondering how many people use Twitter in Colombia…

So I searched for every single type of statistics that I could find online and put them all together in this blog post.

Here are the most recent stats about Twitter users and usage statistics in Colombia:

Twitter User Statistics in Colombia

Number of Twitter Users in Colombia (stats)

According to numbers published in Twitter’s advertising resources, there were 4.3 million users in Colombia in early 2022. This figure means that Twitter is steadily increasing in popularity among Colombians and that it is a great platform for reaching out to potential customers in the country. Gender distribution of Twitter users in Colombia shows that men dominate the user base of the social platform with a share of 58%. This data points to the fact that although Twitter is gaining traction in Colombia, it still has a long way to go in terms of reaching out to women using the platform.

Twitter Stats Colombia & Usage

According to the statistics, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks in Colombia with the most users. In 2021, it had 4.30 million users and a reach of 8%. The male Twitter users outnumber the female ones, with 54.95% using Android devices, 19.59% using Windows and 25.46% using IOS devices. This shows that Android is by far the most popular platform for Colombian Twitter users.

The data also shows that hashtags are a key tool for political communication in Colombia, with researchers using them to infer political sentiment in the country.

Gender Distribution of Twitter Users in Colombia

How many Twitter Users in Colombia stats

In addition to the overall user numbers, we also looked at the gender breakdown of Twitter users in Colombia. As of January 2021, approximately 15.6 percent of social media users in Colombia were men aged between 25 and 34 years, while 15.3 percent were women in the same age group.

By the start of 2022, the statistics had shifted slightly, with 51.3 percent of Facebook’s ad audience in Colombia being female and 48.7 percent being male. This data highlights the importance of understanding the gender dynamics at play in social media use in Colombia, as this will inform how advertisers target potential customers using these platforms.

Keywords for Political Communication in Colombia

Keywords play an important role in assessing the impact of political communication on Twitter in Colombia. By looking at the keywords and phrases used by politicians, journalists, and citizens, it is possible to draw valuable insights about the public discourse. Keywords and phrases like “Colombia”, “electoral campaigns”, “social media”, and “peace process” were found to be popular among political commentators on Twitter in Colombia.

Through sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and social network analysis of tweets, researchers were able to gain valuable insights into the complex peace process in Colombia. Additionally, researchers have used Twitter data during the 2018 presidential campaign in Colombia to analyze discourse patterns and identify key advertising targets for political campaigns. Thus, understanding the use of keywords and phrases on Twitter can help to better understand the public discourse in Colombia.

Advertising Reach of Twitter in Colombia

It is not only the sheer number of Twitter users in Colombia that is impressive, but also the reach of the platform. According to Twitter’s self-service advertising tools, businesses of all sizes can reach roughly 21 million users with ads on Twitter in Argentina, Colombia, and Chile. This is a significant figure that could be used to increase engagement and boost brand awareness. Additionally, Meta’s data suggests that more than a quarter of a billion new users joined Instagram during 2021, making it one of the most popular social media apps in Latin America.

Research Findings on Twitter Use in Colombia

In addition to the figures and stats mentioned above, research has been conducted to further understand how Twitter is used in Colombia. The research shows that Twitter is being used by Colombian political elites during the Covid-19 pandemic, deploying qualitative and quantitative analysis of natural language data to study gender-based discourse and opinion in the country. Furthermore, the study of hashtags on Twitter has helped to infer political sentiment in Colombia. This research is certainly an interesting area to explore further, helping us to better understand how Twitter is used in the country.

How many people use Twitter in Colombia?

According to the latest statistics, Twitter has an impressive user base of 4.30 million users in Colombia. This makes it the fourth most popular social media app in the country. Twitter is also very popular in Latin America. In fact, it is the most used social media in South America, with over 35 million users across the region. This huge user base is largely driven by people’s interest in politics and current affairs, with many using Twitter as a platform to share their views and opinions on the latest topics.

How popular is Twitter in Latin America?

Twitter is a popular social media platform in Latin America, with an estimated 41.2 million users in Brazil alone. In Colombia, Twitter is used by over 18 million people. According to recent research, Colombia has the second-highest number of Twitter interactions in Latin America, with most conversations occurring in major cities such as Bogota and Medellin.

During my stay in this beautiful country last year for a convention related to my work, I realized that Twitter is also becoming a very popular advertising platform in Colombia, with many businesses using it to reach more potential customers, including my friend’s businesses which are in the tech industry.

What is the most popular social media app in Latin America?

The most popular social media apps in Latin America are Facebook and WhatsApp, according to recent statistics. Facebook is used by 54% of Latin American users, while WhatsApp is used by 52%. YouTube was accessed by 30%. This shows that users in Latin America are increasingly turning to apps like Facebook and WhatsApp for their social media needs.

What is the most used social media in South America?

When it comes to social media in South America, Facebook is still the most popular platform, with over 53 million users in Brazil alone. However, other platforms like Instagram and TikTok have seen an increase in popularity. Based on Twitter statistics for Colombia in 2021, the platform has 8.6 million active users in the country, making it the second most used social media platform in South America after Facebook. This tweeting app is particularly popular among the younger demographic, with nearly three-quarters of its users aged between 18 and 34 years old.

In my own experience, I found that women are more likely to use this app than men in Colombia, and the statistics that I found during my research confirmed my opinion, as women accounted for 54% of Twitter users.

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