V3 at AT3 (Epilogue)

an event! The V3 at AT3 extravaganza greatly exceeded my expectations. Atelier
3 was filled with so many folks—it was a multi-generational, every persuasion
party. The support of the community was breathtaking.

thanks are in order (too many to note), however, this show would not have
happened without the extensive involvement of my main-man and consigliere Cobra
Joe Bevelacqua.

keen eye of Carlos Cotera, his expertise in hanging such exhibits, had the
walls pulsating.

Eyez brought the house down—what a star, what a pro!

Pagan (Commander of American Legion Post 92) gave an impassioned speech about
diversity that was riddled with spontaneous applause from the crowd.

thanks to Runas Peruvian Cuisine and their cousin Runeros—their sponsorship
off-set costs.

team at Atelier 3 was helpful in spiritual and otherly tangible ways—throughout
the process.

11th hour addition of the Catz Stageplayers (high-school student
singers) was the sweetest icing any cake ever had. And the smooth voice of
Brendan John had the joint in full-sway.

to DJ Ron Wolf and photog extraordinaire John Christy…

all the local artists who exhibited—a gracious gracias from this hombre—sheer

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Author: Amanda Jones

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