Vibrancy Italiano Style

Salvatore “Sasa” Savarese took the long route
to reach Hollywood. Born in Italy, he eventually moved to Venezuela (living
there for 16 years), then hunkered down in Miami for a bit before finally
settling in the hip hamlet of Hollywood.

10-years ago Sasa decided to dedicate
himself to his life-long passion of art—specifically paintings coated with a lacquer
finish. “It brings out the colors in spectacular fashion” beams, the gregarious,
ever-smiling, Savarese.

“I paint from my experiences, whether a
Vespa inspired from my youth in Naples, or Mickey Mouse—one of my favorite

“I paint for myself and from my heart—no single
painting has anything to do with any other. They are all stand alone pieces.”

Sasa and his fetching wife Loiris recently
opened SASA Café Italiano on 20th and Van Buren (2001 Van Buren St).
This quaint little cottage is wall-to-wall personality. From the vintage jukebox,
typewriter and cameras—to the magazine collage and movie posters—even the furniture
gets in on the act.

“I bought all this furniture used—the worse
the condition the better for my purposes. I sanded them all down—the chairs and
the tables and then painted on them—using, of course, my lacquer finishing

The Café is not the first Hollywood
business opened by Sasa and Loiris; they previously owned and operated
Artipelle (a fashion/art shop on Hollywood Boulevard).

“We believe in Hollywood,” Sasa beams. “I see
Hollywood as the next Lincoln Road—the next Wynwood. And we are proud to be a
part of this new movement.”

To learn more Sasa and his art visit:

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Author: Amanda Jones

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