Washington Park Buccaneers Considered to Be One of the Best Youth Football Teams in the Nation

Youth Football is underway in Hollywood.

The Washington Park Buccaneers, a very well regarded youth football program has played its opening games. The program offers seven teams divided into age groups. Players can begin their career at age six and continue playing until they are 14. Then many go onto play on competitive high school teams.

Kenyan Barfield, who directs the Buccaneers program is proud of the effort of the coaches and players. “We are providing a positive outlook for kids. They are in a safe environment and they are not playing video games all day,” he said.

The teams practice every weeknight Monday through Friday and play games on Saturdays. The 14-year-old team is considered one of the best youth football teams in the nation. And coaches from some of the most respected high school football programs often come to games and practice to talk to the athletes about joining their programs.

IMG 8944
The Washington Park Buccaneers cheerleaders

The Buccaneers includes a solid cheerleading program. The girls who are participating are very enthusiastic and want to develop skills in the sport. “Most of the girls on the teams always say they want to cheer for a high school team,” said Makeesia Ealey, an assistant coach for the ten-year-old girls.

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