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This article investigates the real story behind the legendary bloodied and bandaged face worn by Weeknd in his music video titled “What Happened to Weekend Face.”

Are you looking forward to finding out more about What Happened to Weekend Face? If such is the case, you have arrived to the right place to quickly and easily get complete information on it. The Weekend has lately been reveling in the opportunity on his Youtube channel to use his life as a type of performance art. Even with their face covered with blood and bandages, the renowned individual performed at the American Music Awards in 2020. The event took place in the United States. In addition to these, he is well-known in the countries of South Africa and Canada. On the other hand, the performer known as the Weekend, who is also known by his true name, Abel Tesfaye, is now enjoying a lot of success. In the normal course of events, he did not have any wounds, blemishes, or other such defects. Everything you’re seeing right now is a part of the performance.


What exactly took place during the event?

Check out the accompanying music video.

The Weeknd started his performance with saxophonist Kenny G by going along a road in Los Angeles as fireworks were erupting behind him. This was reminiscent of his “Blinding Lights” video, in which bouncers and inebriated drivers were following him. You may watch the music video to get a better look at his face covered in white bandages, his red jacket, and his black slacks.


What may we anticipate for the year 2021?

In January 2021, nine months after the release of the video which portrayed a bloodied face, The Weeknd released “Save Your Tears,” further developing the same theme that had been alluded at before by exposing his name and hinting at what he achieved with cosmetic surgery (which was not real however; it was just prosthetics).

When The Weeknd performed on Saturday Night Live a year ago while wearing the same makeup, he teased his fans with a glimpse of what was to come. This served as a preview of his next endeavors, one of which being the music video for “Blinding Lights,” in which he is brutally assaulted by bouncers yet continues to look bleeding and is in an even worse position than before as an accessory.

Continue reading to find out what happened to Weekend Face, and stick around for additional details as they become available.


Why does he look like this?

During his interactions with Wide range over the course of the last year, such as his performance at the Video Music Awards, The Weeknd has refrained from providing information about his use of cosmetics. Instead of responding to criticism about his appearance when accepting the prize for Best R&B at the Video Music Awards, The Weeknd took the opportunity to encourage and empower the audience.

In addition, The Weekend’s music video for their song “2021” presented a scene from the short film “After Hours.” As the story progresses, the protagonist wanders about town with a damaged nose and sad eyes. Be sure to read What Happened to Weekend Face all the way through if you want to learn more about this tale and find out the most recent developments.



as well as news.

According to what we have learned, The Weeknd will not be altering his appearance in 2018, and as a result, his fans are incredibly excited to see him again very soon. In the event that you are in possession of any further details on this topic, do share them with us in the comments area of today’s post.

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