Wrestling Empowers Girls at McArthur High

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Marine Josephine has a passion for wrestling. A member of the McArthur High School wrestling team, she believes the sport has helped her gain more confidence.  A senior, Josephine wrestles in the 106 pound weight class and is also on the swim team. She recently competed in the girls’ tournament hosted at McArthur.

“Wrestling has given me more confidence. It has been good experience for me and I have gotten better. I love being on the wrestling team,” said Josephine.

The girls’ tournament included 18 teams from around South Florida. McArthur wresting coach Mike Zarra hopes girls’ high school wrestling will be recognized as a sport by the Florida High School Athletic Association. Currently it is a coed sport. Girls can participate on wrestling teams that include mostly boys.

Jessika Rosado said that participating in wrestling has made her feel better about herself. “When I am wresting, I feel powerful. I can do what the guys do. I like being on the wresting team. We are a family,” she said. Rasado wrestles at the 113 pound weight class.

“I like the challenger of being a wrestler,” said team member Skyler Abruscati.  “You have to think and have a strategy.”  Abruscati is a senior and doing very well academically. She also wrestles in the 113 pound weight class.

Lydia Pierce loves competitive athletics and especially wrestling. “I want to be an Olympic athlete. I love the challenge of wresting and I love being a part of the McArthur team,” she said.

Zarra will continue promoting girls’ wrestling. “This is a good sport for girls and it gives them confidence. And,” he added, “There are college scholarships available for girls who want to wrestle in college.”

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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